How We Enhance Our Customer’s Experience

All of these outcome lead to an enhanced customer experience. Our attention to detail in the field is unmatched and we possess an inherent dedication to resolutions. We guarantee that we will manage your entire claims process. Our skilled adjusters are prepared to walk your insured through inventory creation while on the scene, which results not only in reduced claims processing times, but also more satisfied insureds.

“Each of our clients experience a customer-centric, streamlined approach we apply to every single claim we process.”

We assure our clients results with feedback from satisfied clientele speaks for itself. Many of our partnerships are a direct result of decades of collaborative affiliations. Our complete solutions include research for like, kind and quality items to replace loss determined for your insureds. We are able to “freeze” value on items to ensure our clients are settling claims at the most accurate rates in order to ensure accurate indemnity.
At BrightClaim, when you utilize and retain our onsite services, we pledge to give you these four valuable outcomes:
  • Significantly shorter open claim times
  • Ease of processing inventory
  • Experts walking insureds through inventory creation
  • Accurate replacement value