BrightClaim Contents Services is now AcuPro Contents!

Over a decade ago BrightClaim was founded with the idea of delivering new and innovative claims services to the property and casualty industry. Through a collaborative approach with our clients, we have emerged as an industry leader with hundreds of adjusters staffed in our home office in Atlanta Ga as well as strategically located throughout the United States. Part of this growth has been fueled by our Contents Services group. BrightClaim Contents has leveraged our claims resources to become one of the largest providers of contents services in the county. We are proud of that growth and the impact we have had on our clients and their insureds. The result of our accomplishments and growth is the launching of our new contents services brand, AcuPro Contents!

Why the change?

BrightClaim Contents has been one of the fastest and most innovative areas of growth in our firm. We feel that innovation and growth deserves to be highlighted by a separate and unique brand: AcuPro Contents!

Has ownership changed?

No, AcuPro Contents is simply a separate brand under the BrightClaim flagship brand. Current agreements and contracts with BrightClaim are not impacted by this change in brand. We believe the rebranding better positions us to aggressively deliver new and innovative solutions to our clients.

Will there be a change in the Tax ID number?

No, current W-9 and Tax ID information is unchanged.

How about email and phone numbers?

All email and phone numbers remain the same! New email address extensions with “” will be phased in over time but all “” email addresses will remain active.

What about your website?

Our new dedicated website can be found at You will also find access from our corporate website,

What do existing clients need to do now?

Our new branding rollout will be seamless to existing clients. You will still communicate and send assignments as you are now. Most importantly, you will continue to receive the highest level of service from our team of experts.Finally, we would like to thank each of you, our valued customers, for making this possible. We are truly excited about this next phase of AcuPro Contents and what it represents. As always, we value your feedback and comments and we look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to the new AcuPro Contents!