HO4 Renter Policies

We know that there is a much more efficient way to process claims involved with rental properties. That method is called HO4 Renter Policies. These policies are a part of a steadily growing field among the Insurance industry.

What sets us apart from other organizations is summarized in one word: Expertise.

Not only are we a contents company, but we are also a claims organization, therefore, we are able to leverage and combine our over 30 years of experience among our professionals, to ensure our clients are working with the most informed company that they possibly can.

Another benefit of our clients utilizing our expertise in processing HO4 Renters Policies is that when they are using one of our adjusters, they are getting a specialist in both the contents and claims aspects.
It is important for Insurance companies to adopt H04 Renter Policies for their insured because in many of the claims for rental properties, coverage is only applied to contents. Therefore, companies are losing on time and money by sending insurance adjusters without contents expertise to process claims.
As the adoption of HO4 Renter Policies grows, isn’t it a best practice to retain a company like BrightClaim that specializes in contents and claims concurrently?
The result of our skilled experts processing your claims include
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Faster Claims Resolution
  • Better Finished Projects